White Classy Sneakers


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White Sneakers Are The Ultimate Endgame

When the word “Sneakers” came into your mind, the common imagination of the footwear is sporty and more or less “school-ish” themed, but never in your wildest thought it would come out as classy, charismatic and sophisticated. Mixsassion holds a wide variety of styles in its men footwear collection and sometimes they surprise you with out of your imagination designs that put you into a new perspective when looking at any footwear you laid your eyes on. Different is what you would expect from the latest sneaker collection for men from Mixsassion – White Classy Sneakers shoes. This gentleman-themed sneakers puts the style on you, and not just any style, but much mature, manly and over-the-top Romeo style. All white with zero ink designs on it creates the effect of maturity and sense of manhood on the wearer. Plain comes a long way from being boring, now, plain represents how confident you are and how macho (for men) you carry yourself out in the world. The colour itself added the attention on you. The fine embroideries along the top and sides magnifies the classic and elegant features you want to go for.
Product Details:
• Colour: White
• Material: Soft PVC Material
• Available Sizes: 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43


39, 40, 41, 42, 43