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Whether is it shoes for men or shoes for women, trying to find the perfect shoes can be a pain as you have to literally walk about the store for hours, but end up being disappointed when you could not find the right one. Well, all hail the technology era we are living in as buying shoes online is not a myth anymore! Now, you can buy shoes online with the simplicity of just with a click of a button. Shoes online Malaysia give you equal experiences to find the perfect shoes you need, with top-of-the-chart brands like Converse, Nine West, ALDO, Nike, VANS and a whole lot more where that came from. So, just sit back, relax and just choose to your eyes demand.


A comfortable feet forever a happy feet! Finding the right kind of shoes is like finding a soulmate. You have to create a long-term chemistry with it for you to feel comfortable and happy with what you are wearing every time you step through the threshold. With shoes, you not only need to look good in it, but also feel good wearing it throughout the day every day. Be it men or women, corporate or blue-collar, everyone have the right for perfect shoes to fit the occasion – any occasion for that matter. The perfect shoes is out there somewhere, and it is calling for you right at this second.


With the expansion of fashionable shoes spreading across the continent, one might overlook the importance of ensuring the God-given feet’s well-being while he or she is so caught up in the latest trend that sometimes might endanger themselves – their feet specifically. Before you start to get out there in finding the most stylish, fashionable and cool shoes, you should take a time to attend to your feet. It needs as much attention as your fashion needs.

Feet is one of the important body parts of the human being – not saying other parts are not important, but it is among the important ones that most people might take lightly. What sort of problems feet can have that is so life-endangerment? The answer to that will be one long list, and by the time you reach your golden ages, it will still be nowhere nearing the end of it. Here are some of the common and not-so-common known problems one encounters; Blisters, Corns &, Callus, Chilblains, Diabetes, Gout, Heel pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Verrucae and the list goes on and on.

These issues can happen to anyone because one of the major symptoms of such problems is uncontrollable tension on the feet. The world is spinning so fast, it is not waiting for anyone to fit its rhythm, hence, men and women alike going through almost 24/7 rush hour to run errands. Sometimes, giving the feet a space to breathe and relax is almost non-existence. Prolonging this routine will cause severe tiredness and pressure on the feet that over time, will cause much serious problem one does not want to have on their To-Do list.

To avoid such unwanted problems to be a part of your life, it is highly recommended that you do regular check-ups to your own or well-certified orthopedic to get a formal statement of how well your feet is at the moment. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, thus, before you feel any pain, it is best to see the professionals and get their opinion of how things are and supposed to be. Other than that, you can also regularly massage your feet before you head on to Dreamland, dip in warm bucket of water after a long day to ease the stress and smooth out the blood circulation along the feet. Sometimes, you need to pamper your feet to ensure it too are as happy as you are.


Welcome to shoes Malaysia 101! A section where you know what you need to know when you are out shoe-hunting.

It’s all about the size
You do not want to get shoes that are way too tight, because it will suffocate your feet and disrupt the blood circulation along the nerves. You need to find shoes that provide equal space and air circulation for your feet.

Comfort at its best
Style is one thing, but comfort is the key. Ensure that the upper part of your shoes are comfortable to your skin. Avoid buying ones that could cause irritation or discomfort when you are out and about.

The perfect sole-mate
It is highly recommended to go for shoes that have thick soles in order to prevent any injuries or discomfort to your feet when you are walking. The surface of the floor is different in various places, and it is always best to find shoes with soles that could provide long-lasting comfort and protection from any type of surface you might walk on to.